This is the home page of the Mathematical Linguistics area of the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, not to be confused with the page for the book Mathematical Linguistics. Eventually it may turn into a more general mathematical linguistics resource page. Latex source is made available with an eye to the needs of those designing curricula, but please respect OUP's copyright.

Mathematical Linguistics (complex entry)

Overview 1500 words mid-range revision Geoff Pullum and Andras Kornai final .tex final .pdf

Generative Capacity 750 words major rev Emmon Bach and Philip Miller final .tex final .pdf

Automata Theory/Chomsky Hierarchy 1500 words major rev Robert Wall and David Weir zeroth draft of automata theory part BillF has final galley

Finite State Grammars and Languages 750 words major rev Terry Langendoen second draft BillF has final galley

Context Free Grammars and Languages 750 words major rev Geoff Pullum final .tex final .pdf

Mildly Context Sensitive 750 words new Aravind Joshi final .tex final .pdf

Recognition (complex entry)

Recognition Complexity, 750 words minor rev, Eric Ristad. final .tex final .pdf

Speech Recognition (to be done under PHONETICS area) Roger Moore first draft

OCR 500 words new Andras Kornai final .tex final .pdf

Learnability (complex entry)

Math aspects 500 words mid-range rev Geoff Pullum final .tex final .pdf

Psycholinguistic aspects 1500 words (to be done under PHONOLOGY area)

Information Theory 500 words Robin Clark final .tex or final .pdf

Hidden Markov Models 500 words new Hermann Ney final .tex final .pdf final .ps Figure in encapsulated postscript and in pdf

Statistical Linguistics 750 words major rev Geoffrey Sampson final draft

Quantitative Linguistics (blind entry)

Pattern Recognition (blind entry)

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