Workshop on the Analysis of Geographic References



Andras Kornai, Metacarta and Beth Sundheim, Navy SPAWAR Systems Center: Analysis of geographic references

Invited talks

Jim Cowie, Director, Computing Research Laboratory, New Mexico State University: Details, details, details abstract presentation
Jerry R. Hobbs, USC Information Sciences Institute: An ontology of spatial relations for the semantic web abstract presentation


The papers displayed here are intended as the final version, though minor corrections may still be performed by the editors in the next few days.
ws901.pdf ws901.ppt Ian Densham and James Reid, Edinburgh Data Library System Demo: A Geo-coding service encompassing a geo-parsing tool and integrated digital gazetteer service
ws903.pdf ws903.ppt Dimitar Manov, Atanas Kiryakov, Borislav Popov Ontotext Lab, Kalina Bontcheva, Diana Maynard, Hamish Cunningham, U of Sheffield Experiments with geographic knowledge for information extraction
ws904.pdf ws904.ppt Frédérik Bilhaut, Thierry Charnois, Patrice Enjalbert and Yann Mathet, GREYC, U of Caen Geographic reference analysis for geographic document querying
ws905.pdf ws905.ppt K.L. Kwok & Q. Deng, CUNY Queens College GeoName - a system for back-transliterating chinese place names
ws907.pdf ws907.ppt Richard Waldinger and Peter Jarvis, SRI, Jennifer Dungan, NASA Ames Pointing to places in a deductive geospatial theory
ws908.pdf ws908.ppt Jochen Leidner, Gail Sinclair, Bonnie Webber, U of Edinburgh Grounding spatial named entities for information extraction and question answering
ws910.pdf ws910.ppt Amittai Axelrod, Metacarta On building a high performance gazetteer database
ws911.pdf ws911.ppt Huifeng Li, Rohini K. Srihari, Cheng Niu, Wei Li, Cymfony A hybrid approach to geographical references in information extraction
ws912.pdf ws912.ppt Humphrey Southall, U of Portsmouth Defining and identifying the roles of geographic references within text
ws913.pdf ws913.ppt Olga Uryupina, Saarland University Semi-supervised learning of geographical gazetteers from the internet
ws916.pdf ws916.ppt David A. Smith and Gideon S. Mann, JHU Bootstrapping toponym classifiers
ws917.pdf ws917.ppt Erik Rauch, Michael Bukatin, and Kenneth Baker, Metacarta A confidence-based framework for disambiguating geographic terms


Linda Hill: Alexandria Digital Library Textual Geospatial Integration Project

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